Cobussen & TWP are alive and working during the lock-down period! As most of you know everyone is experiencing downturns and lack of work. While we are no exception some of our clients are still operating with web services and communications. We are a virtual company and have worked this way for 20 years. We understand isolation and we know how to get things done remotely.If your company needs help with any fixes or temporary solutions whether that be web or communications and where your current provider may not be available or able to help, we are here with no strings. We have our own servers and are able to transparently offer solutions many digital agencies cannot. If we do not have an answer, one of our many suppliers or customers might and we will happily refer them to help.

Note: If you are a non profit organisation or a struggling business we are also happy to help and work out an arrangement to benefit your business during this tough period.

In times like this where money is tight and budgets locked down, it is essential that service companies not stop ALL communications to their customers. When you go completely quiet your customers have no idea what to think. Send a small reminder of where you are at. Some re-assurance that you will be here after it ends or tell them about things you are doing now. It doesn’t need to be wafty, just short, sweet and caring.

For any Web enquires please contact Dean NZ: 027 4444303 or Aust: 0414302553
For any Comms help please contact Sandy NZ: 0274 411123 or Aust: 0424382553