Our specialty is pragmatic and compelling visual communication which engages people through thoughtful story-telling and involvement of stakeholders.

We tackle projects of any size – from periodical employee communications (printed and digital) to broader programmes to build a health & safety culture, establish an employment brand or support an acquisition or sale.

Our process is a version of the following:

  1. Articulate the brief
  2. Build an understanding of the audience and their needs (including interviews and/or surveys/polls) and research related activities/data, projects or competitors
  3. Articulate desired outcomes and how they relate to strategy/plan
  4. Create an approach and plan for stakeholder agreement
  5. Develop creative and content
  6. Build materials and channels
  7. Rollout/deliver and review

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      Recent examples:

      • PASLR Crucial Services (NZ) – monthly eNewsletter and ongoing website content development and optimisation (www.paslr.co.nz)
      • Davey Water Products (Aust/NZ) – bi-annual printed magazine for customers and employees (planning, strategy, content development, creative, project management) Download/View PDF
      • Mico Plumbing & Bathrooms (NZ) – quarterly printed employee publication and periodic email newsletter (planning, content development, creative, print, distribution, review)
      • Firth (NZ) – bi-monthly eNews for customers (planning, content development, layup, broadcast, review)
      • Davey Water Products (Aust/NZ) – Health & Safety communication program (strategy, project management, creative direction)

      We can also help with developing product collateral – technical or installation manuals, brochures and web content (examples: www.csppacific.co.nz and www.acprod.com.au – note our digital team also developed  and supports both websites).