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Cobussen - The Company 

Cobussen (including TWP) is a group of professionals working across a spectrum of online and communication services including strategy, usability, architecture, functional design, graphic design, copywriting, project management, system integration, reporting, programming, development and hosting. Cobussen operate in both New Zealand and Australia with offices in Auckland and Queensland.


Cobussen has delivered hundreds of tailored online solutions in the past 12 years and provides consulting, reporting, maintenance, review, usability, database, graphic design and communication services to a large number of these ongoing.


Cobussen is spear headed by Sandy Cobussen and has a solid track record of fast and painless delivery of projects, on time and within budget.


The People

The team consists of graphic designers, website developers, reporting and financial database programmers, writers and project managers. 


Under the guidance of Sandy and Dean Cobussen this team has delivered a range of solutions from business specific applications to corporate and e-commerce websites, from global intranets to regular offline and online publications.


Current clients include Fonterra, Fletcher Building and many subsidiaries like Crane Group (Australia), Firth Industries, Fletcher Construction, Brian Perry Civil, Pipeworks, Piletech, Humes Pipeline Systems, Rocla Pipelines (Australia), Australian Construction ProductsThe Laminex Group NZHellaby Holdings, Waterforce, Andrews Property Services, Deals For Kids, Treescape NZ & Australia, ICB Construction, New Zealand Gold Merchants and more.