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The 3M's Of Good Online Business

  •  Most people, Most often, Most value. It's that simple.
  • Be clear on who your primary target audience is and really focus on what they most need. The more you try to cater to every possible audience, the more you dilute your proposition to the customers who are of most value to you.
  • Good web is as much about what you choose not to provide as it is about what you do provide.

You cannot be all things to all people so keep your content concise for your majority audience. If need be, break content into managable lumps that can be categorised into pages or sections so that it is not overwhelming to viewers when they arrive. Handle minor queries and requests for the minority audience with well thought out links to contact forms and phone numbers displayed wherever you can.

Putting too much information online can hinder viewers finding what is important. Displaying a few bullet points on key subjects on their own is better than hiding these within a waffly paragraph that makes your viewers yawn and leave.

Online, less is more.